EVE Vanguard Starting the Game and Region Selection

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EVE Vanguard is an FPS game that is connected to EVE Online and exists in the same world. Completing tasks in Vanguard will affect the world of New Eden as a whole. Players fight as foot soldiers of EVE factions, completing various objectives to advance their own faction in EVE Online.

Vanguard allows solo and squad play (3 players per squad). Player squads can fight each other or the NPCs, but completing map objectives is the priority. 


Starting the game and squads.

When you first launch the game, you will need to create a Vanguard character. Logging in with the character opens a Deployment screen. From there players can:

  • Join a random squad.

  • Invite other players in their squad.

  • Click READY to start the match.

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“Invite” menu allows searching character names and adding certain people to your favorites.

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Once you (and your Squad) are prepared to link to the surface clone your whole squad needs to click ‘Ready’.



Changing client settings and Region

Please note that you can adjust client region, keybinds and other parameters in client settings.


To change the region you are connected to: 

  1. Launch EVE Vanguard and navigate to the "Game" tab in the settings menu.
  2. Scroll down until you see the region option and select the region geographically nearest to you.
  3. Ensure you click apply to set the selected region as 'current'.
  4. Begin matchmaking again.








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